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Projects That Make Us Blush


Comco, An operator of the Containers for change scheme Queensland’s biggest recycling company. Comco was struggling with consistency and results for its online presence. Corsa managed to get their post engagement up by 1200% and reach 400%. 


Corsa Marketing Agency achieved impressive results through their Google, Facebook ad campaign, and SEO marketing efforts. Over the course of 18 months, the agency generated a total of 5455 leads at an impressive cost of $27 per lead. 


We were approached by Accor Hotels in assisting them with all aspects of their digital marketing. Corsa Agency is currently responsible for looking after their current Project which we look forward to showcasing at the end of this year. 

BBC Studio 

Corsa Agency was engaged by the Ibiza famous DJ Jamie Porteous. To carry out the branding and music video for Jamie. We were responsible for keeping strictly to the brief provided by the artist and the studio.  We have now seen the song be prioritized in Europe. PlayStation is now using the song for their new and upcoming game realising mid next year. 


Balearica is a newly established beach club the first of its kind in Airlie Beach. Corsa was responsible for the launch and opening video for the beach club. With the Great success of the opening, Balearica is now booked out every week in advance.

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