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Do Real Estate Agents Need A Social Media Marketing Strategy?

Do Real estate agents need a Social media marketing strategy?

Social media marketing for real estate is more crucial than ever. Social media-savvy agents generate more leads, close more sales, and earn more money. However, most agents still have trouble using social media. Our agents' poll revealed that 82% of active realtors believe their social media presence has to be improved.

Using social media for real estate has several advantages even though there might be better channels to use for your business. Most importantly, there are more than 3.78 billion social media users worldwide, and the typical person uses social media for more than 2.12 hours per day. According to statistics, your audience is already using social media, so why not connect with them there?

Second, social media provides choices for targeted advertising suited to audiences in certain places. Aren't real estate agents already looking for options like that?

Finally, having a social media presence increases consumer trust and brand exposure. They might not be prepared to make a purchase or even make contact to start a conversion just yet.

Real Estate Social Media Content

A great resource for real estate professionals is Facebook. It provides a range of high-quality choices, including Facebook Messenger for client chats, tailored ads for local listings, and the capacity to share numerous multimedia formats, including live video and live streaming.

Realtors can set up a business account on Instagram and include contact CTA ( Call To Action ) buttons so people who visit your page can write you an email about a property image they saw that piqued their interest or other customized alternatives.

It shows how fantastic the site is for distributing high-quality photographic & videograpghy content.

TikTok is a growing platform for many businesses, however it can be particularly helpful for realtors because the audience prefers behind-the-scenes material, which is precisely what house walkthroughs provide.

Relationships between agents and clients are crucial because they rely on you to understand their concerns and guide them in the proper route. Therefore, it makes sense to think about using social media to distribute realtor bios. If it seems like a good fit, your audience can discover more about what you have to offer and get in touch.

The importance of Instagram Reels on real estate.

  1. From Realtors to REEL-Tors -

Despite being relatively new, Instagram Reels is already assisting many individuals in connecting, participating in, and having fun. This is a fantastic resource to use as a real estate agent. We're confident that this feature will continue to develop and become more user-friendly as more people use it. What are you still holding out for? Get on board right away and include Instagram Reels in your ongoing social media marketing plan.

2. Keep it Personal!

This can be done in a variety of ways. Reels that depict a day in the life of a real estate agent or "Get Ready With Me" videos in which, rather than glamming up, you demonstrate how a realtor just like you prepares a new listing for sale are a few examples. Maintaining a personal tone on Instagram Reels also aids in removing barriers. You come across as more personable and simple to relate to as a result.

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